It is of vital importance to outline and emphasize in any marketing campaign how a product display can change customers perceptions and attract them to purchase our product rather than the other many choices there are out there. In this occasion, Nordic Mist has come up with an extraordinary point of sale display for the summer campaign that really highlights the meaning of the brand and the special season it should be consumed in to enjoy as much as possible.

Nordic Mist is a line of soft drinks produced by The Coca Cola Company which is sold in many popular countries like: Belgium, Chile, Portugal, Spain, Finland and Luxembourg. From these places we can tell easily that the drink is targeted for special occasions when people go for holidays to these places and relax. Why not consume a Nordic Mist?

Below we can see the kind of point of sale display the brand has chosen to use in their summer campaign:


Bespoken product display by Nordic Mist (5263)

Point of Sale by Nordic Mist (5263)

Nordic Mist Point of Sale attracts Attention!

The point of sale display of the certain item we want to sell, in this case drinks, always has an impact in any customer´s decision of purchasing the product as firstly it attracts them to keep looking at the product and secondly it adds value to the product as there will be many other different choices out there that will not have such an impacting product display.

To add, Nordic Mist is part of the many product ranges that Coca Cola owns which means that it already has a high brand value and thus needs to keep up with the standards of brand itself in order to be competitive.

These kind of product display can be easily customized in terms of design and can be used as a glorifier to increase our brand awareness and perceptions. 

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