Farmers is currently offering a free GWP in New Zealand for any purchase of two or more products from their Estee Lauder range. This GWP consists of a beautiful cosmetic pouch that contains an 8 piece gift. ODM is massively attracted to this chic cosmetic pouch. It is a brilliant marketing gift that posses a high ornamental value. It has an eye-catching design that is hard to overlook thus making it a perfect GWP for any business in the cosmetic industry.

Estee Lauder's GWP - Cosmetic pouch

Estee Lauder’s GWP – Cosmetic pouch

What makes this Cosmetic Pouch a brilliant GWP?

First of all, this cosmetic pouch is an ideal and suitable gift for any cosmetic related products. It can be used to contain cosmetics that brands are giving away. Instead of packaging in plastic or a paper bag, a cosmetic pouch like this enhances the gift value of those cosmetics.

Besides that, these cosmetic pouches have a high utility value. When the customers have finish using the cosmetics, they can still use this pouch to contain their own cosmetic. For instance, the Estee Lauder pouch has such an attractive exterior that customers will definitely not throw it away after one use. A GWP like this will ensure that the customers will use it for a very long time. As such, if imprinted with the brand logo, it will act as an advertising agent that continues to advertise the brand long after it is received

How to adopt a similar GWP?

There are a variety of cosmetic pouches in the market. So in order to stand out from the crowd, companies have to customize and brand these cosmetic pouches. In fact, they are highly customizable. So all the more, companies should customize it after their branding needs and desire. Imprinting it with your brand logo improves brand recall and ultimately increases sales.