Coca Cola are at it again with another promotional offer specific to Hong Kong and China. This Gift with Purchase offers customers the chance to get the great refreshing taste of Coca Cola while at the same time receive two pairs of chopsticks with any 1.5L of their original drink.

Coca Cola have been around for over 100 years, rapidly increasing in size with their world renowned flavor that has caught the taste buds of so many people. With this offer it not only allows people to supply their demand for this fantastic flavor but also provide them with a means of eating food with this thirst quenching drink.

Gift With Purchase Coca Cola Chop Sticks

Gift With Purchase: Coca Cola Chopsticks

What we like about this Coca Cola Gift with Purchase:

  • Local – As a multinational company it can be hard to go for a more localised marketing approach when a global tactics are much easier, however this gift with purchase has successfully advertised it’s product to the Asian market perfectly.
  • Gift usability – The usual combination of a drink and food is common across the world. Here Coca Cola have incorporated it into their promotion by providing their main product to accompany the chopsticks so there is a drink go with your food. This in the long term can mean that customers are more likely to drink Coca Cola with their lunch or dinner and therefore prolonging their brand exposure.
  • Colour – World known Coca Cola colour scheme in the packaging as well as branding on the chopsticks. As the colour scheme is known by everyone it is a constant cue for brand recognition, even if they don’t like the drink itself.
  • Brand – The chopsticks themselves are also branded to further promote the company.

ODM love Coca Cola’s marketing techniques, especially this gift with purchase. If you are interested in creating a gift to go with your product or any other promotional products then contact us today for a quote today.

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