This Coca Cola purchase-with-purchase promotion was spotted in Circle K stores across

Promotional Gift - Coca Cola Pouch Bag

Hong Kong. The famous beverage company is collaborating with CHOCOOLATE, a renowned Hong Kong brand.

To redeem the unique gifts, you would first need to purchase 3 bottles of Coca-Cola then top up either 29.9HKD for the foldable shopping bag or 35.5HKD for the pouch. Both items have a rather cute CHOCOOLATE character holding a bottle of coke printed on the front. These products would not only appeal to both adults and teenagers but to fans of the drink as well!

ODM loves these limited edition gifts because both brands have prominently placed their logos on the products. This would heighten brand recognition and encourage brand recall in the long run. All in all, we think that this partnership promotion would really boost sales for both brands.

Which of these products do you prefer, the shopping bag or the pouch? If you think both carriers are not the ones you are looking for, why not have a look at our China Bag Manufacture blog?

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