Have you ever watched Monsters Inc. before? This movie was a popular animated film produced by the Pixar Animation Studios. This animated film was a big hit in 2001. Their cute and hilarious animated characters have stolen the hearts of many monster fans. And in a few more days, Monster University a prequel to Monsters Inc is set to hit the screens! As such in anticipation of this upcoming movie, Nestle Singapore is offering a free Glowing Monster figurine with any purchase of a Nestle Breakfast Cereals Monsters University promotional pack. In every cereal box, children will find one out of the three different types of monster figurines. This children marketing product is definitely one that is able to captivate attention and increase sales!

Nestle's Children Marketing Product - Glowing Monster Figurines

Nestle’s Children Marketing Product – Glowing Monster Figurines

 Nestle’s Children Marketing Product

First of all, in every marketing plan companies have to come up with something unique that leaves a great impact on your potential customers. By utilizing these glowing monster figurines, Nestle is differentiating its brand from all other cereal brands. Children would be attracted by these cute glowing monsters and pester their parents to purchase Nestle’s cereal.

As such, ridding on children’s pestering power Nestle is able to entice parents to purchase their cereal products. And this is the key reason why Nestle is focusing their promotions in children marketing. Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. So with this strategy in mind, Nestle is trying to provoke children’s interest and curiosity in their cereal brands.

Besides that, branding these monster figurines will boost brand recall and brand recognition. Thus whenever kids play with these glowing monsters, they will sub-consciously remember Nestle as their favorite cereal brand. So the next time round when they accompany their parents to the market, kids might actually make a repurchase of Nestle products! And as a result, these glowing monsters would definitely increase Nestlé’s sales and revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate this children marketing product into your marketing efforts today!

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