Nestle Singapore is currently offering a free YGlider 3in1 as one of their many children marketing effort. Simple spend $200 on Nestlé’s NAN PRO 2, NAN GRO 3 or NAN KID 4 and you could redeem a free YGlider 3 in 1 that is worth $129.90. This is an exclusive promotion that should not be missed!

Nestlé’s children marketing YGlider 3in1

Nestlé’s children marketing YGlider 3in1

Nestlé’s aggressive Children Marketing – YGlider 3 in 1

The YGlider 3 in 1 is a brilliant marketing gift for companies with a strong focus on children products. With its high perceived value, customers would be enticed to purchase Nestlé’s children products. Besides that, parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. Therefore, children marketing is a great way to get parents buying and spending! For instance, in order to get their hands on the YGlider, children will persuade their parents to get it for them. Most parents would agree to their children’s request and purchase Nestle’s products to get it. So with this strategy in mind, Nestle is able to entice parents to make a purchase. Riding on children’s pestering power would also add on to a higher sales opportunity. And this is the key reason why Nestle has been actively involved in all their children marketing effort.

Benefits and features of this YGlider 3 in 1

This YGlider 3 is an ideal ride on toy for children aged 1+. It helps to promote growth and development. When the seat is removed, it would turn into an early stage scooter that is suitable for kids up to the age of 5. This scooter is a great toy to develop balance and co-ordination skills in young children. And with this additional feature, its overall functional value would also increase tremendously.

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