Macy’s is giving away a free weekender bag as a GWP for any purchase of $59 and above on the Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Fragrance collection. This GWP is limited to only one per customer, so hurry up and grab your Katy Perry fragrance at your nearest Macy’s store, while stock last.

Katy Perry Fragrance GWP

Katy Perry Fragrance GWP

Why a weekender bag as a GWP?

Bags are commonly used as promotional gifts or GWP. This is because bags are perceived by customers as products of high usability and utility. The more eye-catching the design of your gift is, the more reliable customers will feel about the product you are selling.

Killer Queen’s weekender bag comes in a bold red color which would be a top choice for any aspiring fashionista. Due to its eye-catching color, many people will definitely notice it. More exposure for your GWP will mean more advertising and brand recognition for your company. By giving out GWP, you encourage your customers to purchase more in exchange for the gift. Therefore, they play an important role because it usually attracts the customers to make their the first purchase.

Branding to keep your brand visible!

By using a bag as a GWP, you will have a large surface area available for branding your company. This will greatly increase your brand visibility and also bring more attention to other products from your company. So every time your customers use your bag, they will be reminded of your brand. This increases the brand recall among your customers and there will be a greater chance they would come back for repeat purchases.

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