With Justin Bieber being the worldwide teenage heartthrob, girls are falling head-over-heels by just seeing him; or even smelling his fragrance. It looks like the Bieber fever is spreading all over the world! Bieber fans can now receive a free endorsed handbag by the heartthrob himself by simply spending $55 on any Justin Bieber Fragrance Collection. This free endorsed handbag was found on Macy’s online retail store. This free endorsed handbag is only limited to one per customer, so get them while stock lasts!

Free Endorsed Handbag: Justin Bieber

Free Endorsed Handbag: Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber is a Canadian singer, actor and song writer. He is one of the world’s most popular teenage singers.

How does offering a free endorsed handbag help with sales?

Offering a free endorsed handbag can help improve sales because by leveraging on the popularity or achieved success of someone, you are tapping on their network. Furthermore, by branding your gift to be endorsed by a celebrity, the perceived value of the product increases massively. Fans are people who will buy anything just to support their idols. Therefore, such a branding strategy attracts customers and fans to purchase your product and to provide continuous support.

Offering a free endorsed handbag also helps to provide publicity for the celebrity. Therefore, such products are popular giveaways or even retail products for entertainment label companies.

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