:CHOCOOLATE, a famous fashion chain in Hong Kong, is currently running a promotional campaign which will definitely appeal to all Justin Bieber fans ! They are offering to their customers this exclusive Justin Bieber Cushion Speaker.

Incentive Product Hong Kong - Justin Bieber Cushion Speaker by Chocoolate

Incentive Product  – Justin Bieber Cushion Speaker

Simply purchase a minimum of 800 HK$ in a :Chocoolate shop and you will receive this gift for free !

With the huge number of Justin Bieber fans (for instance he has about 25 millions followers on his Twitter account and 45 millions on Facebook), this promotion will surely appeal to a lot of people.

Moreover, customers may purchase a little more than they expect to reach the $800 HKD mark which in turn will increase :CHOCOOLATE turnover!

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