Lack of promotional ideas for your upcoming promotional event? Why not offer some branded straw hats as a promotional gift?

Promotional Gift Idea – Straw Hat

It’s one of the interesting promotional products you can offer during parties! (Bacardi was giving away these straw hats at most night clubs in Hong Kong).

Bacardi Promotional Straw Hat

In fact, promotional straw hats are amazing for many reasons:

  • High Visibility: While the people wear the hat, it creates free marketing on the move.
  • Low Cost: Relatively inexpensive, can be easily branded (Your ROI is almost guaranteed!)
  • Brand Image & Reputation: By offering these straw hats makes at an event will probably encourage people to take some pictures with it. Hence, it will be visible on Facebook and people could associate this “fun” event with your brand!

Young Boys Promotional Cow Boy Hat

There are different styles of straw hats to choose from, for instance, the cowboy style or Mexican “mariachi” style. For more promotion on hats, you can check out the blogs below: