From a marketing point of view, V-Energy is a very interesting company. They are constantly trying to find new marketing ideas to stand out from the crowd. We decided to analyze their latest promotion in Australia for you.

Marketing idea in Australia  - V Energy straw holder

Marketing idea in Australia – V Energy straw holder

Even though straw holders, and more generally straw dispensers, are a very useful product for bar or restaurant tables, they rarely look good or stand out. That’s exactly why we love this marketing idea! It is a larger version of V’s actual drinks can, so it acts as a POS display by catching consumers attention, and indirectly suggesting to them to order a V-Energy drink.

Who could benefit from this marketing idea?

There are a range of different industries that could benefit from this type marketing idea. During a quick brainstorm session, we managed to come up with:

  • Canned food (could be used as a high end GWP for the kitchen)
  • Sweets & candy brands (it would make the perfect candy box)
  • Chocolate brands
  • Pen companies (this would work very well as a self-pickup POS for pens in supermarkets or stationary shop)

Of course there are many different ways it can be used. There are also numerous different options when it comes to the designs and materials out there that can be used – so feel free to contact us to discuss any ideas you have in mind.

Other marketing idea - Standard Straw Holder

Other marketing idea – Standard Straw Holder

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