Tea shops are becoming popular nowadays. Their target market: the younger market. To stay relevant amidst this bubbling industry, Serenitea has created a custom metal straw to boost their promotional campaign.

For years now, single-use plastic has been a growing problem worldwide. People are getting more aware of the harsh effects of these kinds of plastic when they end up in the trash. Therefore, using sustainable promotional items for your brand marketing is the best way to go.



Why Should Your Brand Use A Custom Metal Straw?

  • Eco – Friendly – Banning the use of single-use plastic has been welcomed with positivity in all sectors and is still progressing forward. If more brands are to participate in this movement, this will certainly shed light on this important issue. Serenitea’s promotional straws are reusable and an excellent alternative to plastic straws. A promo gift idea that is eco-friendly is another way great way to increase brand visibility and improve brand perception.
  • Brand Loyalty – This brave movement may attract a group of loyal customers supporting your brand. This increases customer base since brands that support sustainable materials are often followed by customers. As a result, this improves the overall standing of the brand. Also, custom promotional gifts from a brand often strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers.
  • CustomisableMetal straws are easy to customise as evidenced by the photo. We see Elmo, a Sesame Street character, that is attached to the metal straw. It also comes with a free cleaning brush and branded canvass pouch. This is called brand licensing. In this marketing strategy, one brand leases their designs such as popular characters to another brand to improve their marketing. This is a good marketing decision especially for Serenitea as they can take advantage of the popularity of Sesame Street to drive sales and further improve their brand exposure.
  • Flexible: Straws are a simple custom promotional merchandise that can be used as a cafe merchandise. This would also be perfect for restaurant and bar promotions.

How Does This Collaboration Between Serenitea and Sesame Street Improve Marketing?

Now that we have discussed the importance of using a custom metal straw. We will discuss how collaboration between the two brands would further improve the marketing campaign.

  • Widen Market Reach – This is probably the most important benefit when it comes to collaboration.  Being successful in business requires that you always create new connections and tap new networks. Imagine what would happen to your business if you continue to sell to the same group over and over again.
  • It’s A Win-Win Partnership – When two brands collaborate, they get a fair share of each other’s specific target market. Both brands increase their market and at the same time, they both learn from each others’ best practices. Therefore, collaboration is also a great opportunity for learning.


Overall, brands will certainly be able to benefit from green marketing as more people will realise the possible negative impact of using plastic on a daily basis.

So, if you’d like to start your own environment-friendly movement whilst promoting your brand, feel free to touch base with us and we’ll give you sustainable promo gifts suggestions that will certainly go well with your respective brands. The ODM Group can help grow your business through excellent promotional products.


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