Metal Straws have been trending for a while now as more people are making changes to their style to protect the environment and wildlife. Custom Metal Straws are one of the more popular promotional gifts for companies in the F&B and Drinks industry. Here is an integrated product idea that will wow you – the custom collapsible straw!

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw

The straw is made of stainless steel and comes in various colours. It comes in a casing that is 11.5cm  short. The straw is 10.5cm short which can be extended to 24.5cm long. Plus, there is a collapsible brush to go with the straw.

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw

In addition, there is also a thicker version of the straw which is more suitable for drinking bubble tea and smoothies.

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw

Why Roll Out a Custom Collapsible Straw?

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw


You can customise them by adding your brand logo on them, through the silkscreen printing. When customers see the product, it will instantly bring brand recognition. Hence, they make great promotional gifts to help your brand boost exposure, be it for drink companies, bars, or bubble tea companies.

ODM can help you with just that. Check out the promotional reusable straws we did for Grand Marnier.

Promote Sustainability

The lifestyle trend nowadays amongst youth is eliminating their own single-use plastic in order to minimize waste and protect ocean life. Offering a custom collapsible straw as promotional merchandise will indeed delight them.

Furthermore, implementing eco-friendly measures and encouraging sustainable lifestyle habits in your promotion will help improve the perception and image of your brand.


Reusable straws are daily use items and have very high utility. You can see many people using them to enjoy their cup of iced coffee or bubble tea. They are definitely very functional promotional gifts to offer to customers, especially when there is an upward trend in drink consumption now.

Custom Collapsible Straw

Custom Collapsible Straw

This custom collapsible straw is definitely better than the usual straws as it is pocket-sized and convenient to bring along. In addition, it can be hung as a keychain, attached to your bag or keys. This way, users will no longer forget to bring their straw along.

Boost Sales

You can offer these straws as a gift with purchasecontest giveaway item, or a loyalty program redemption gift for your F&B business. Your customers will surely be enticed to participate in this marketing campaign so that they will get this cool and functional product.  Therefore, creates impulse buys and boosts product sales.

Customer Loyalty

Offering this product as a free gift to your very loyal customers can help your brand strengthen relationships with them. They will definitely feel very appreciated and will continue to support your brand. Moreover, they will continue to support the sustainable measures your brand has put in place.


To Sum Up,

As the F&B industry is getting more and more competitive, it is crucial for you to introduce unique custom promotional gifts in your campaigns to win over customers. Your brand will definitely benefit from rolling out this product in your F&B promotions.  The custom collapsible straw will surely pique customers’ interest and boost your brand exposure.

Furthermore, introducing eco-friendly promotional products, such as these straws, in your promotional campaign will surely help to garner more support from environmental enthusiasts.

If you are interested in these custom collapsible straws, contact us today and quote the code ODM-3073.

How ODM can help

If you are interested in starting an environment-friendly movement whilst promoting your F&B brand, ODM can definitely help you with just that. We can provide you with sustainable promo gifts suggestions that will certainly complement your brand.

The ODM Group can help grow your business through excellent custom promotional products. We have successfully carried out many projects for our clients all over the world, from promotional giveaways, to gift with purchases to POS Displays.

Check out the work we have done for international clients in the food industry!

We also have a design agency, called Mindsparkz, that can help you create custom promotional gift ideas that will help win over clients. They offer very affordable design services under the retainer program.

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