What is corn starch packaging?

You’ve probably already seen or even used them before!

Corn starch packaging - Disposable tableware

Corn starch packaging – Disposable tableware

The packaging above might look plain. However, don’t let that fool you! Treat this as a blank canvas. We can use eco-friendly vegetable inks and other solutions to really make this stand out.

Next, check out these bags. Few people would gain the first impression that they are so Eco-Friendly.

Corn starch packaging - Plastic bag

Corn starch packaging – Plastic bag

You can also use them to hydrate yourself up with your favorite beverages.

Corn starch packaging - Plastic cup

Corn starch packaging – Plastic cup

Corn starch packaging can be transparent or opaque. They are ideal for items with limited use, such as the takeaway food packaging shown above.

Benefits of corn starch packaging

  • Renewable: Corn starch comes from corn, which is a renewable resource.
  • Biodegradable: Compostable in industrial composting facilities and then reintegrated as an agriculture fertilizer. Hence, it is less likely to pollute the environment.
  • No toxins: Does not contain harmful chemicals (such as polyvinyl chloride or dioxin) associated in conventional plastic.
  • Low carbon production: Much less greenhouse gas emissions produced than conventional plastic production.

What this means for your company the next time you switch to corn starch packaging

  • Attractive Branding: Branded as a socially responsible company.
  • Increase Marketability: Able to market the company’s products or services to increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Stay Relevant: Keeping up with the latest packaging trends – emphasis on sustainability.
  • Improve Visibility: Allow the company’s offerings to stand out from that of competitors who are still sticking with conventional packaging.

All in all, corn starch packaging is highly beneficial to both the environment and your company.  Using such eco-friendly packaging for your promotional gift is a smart move to stimulate customer loyalty. This is because customers will be more supportive of businesses that are helping the environment instead of causing more harm to it.

Additionally, you can raise your brand awareness simply by imprinting brand name and logo on the corn starch packaging. This would once again remind customers of the company’s socially responsible image when they reach out to open the packaging.

Every year, a significantly huge amount of plastic waste is produced.  If you are interested in leaving a more positive business footprint, contact us! At ODM, we understand the importance of China factory selection. As such, we have a list of credible China suppliers (certified ISO, OK COMPOST HOME, etc.) ready to meet your green packaging needs.

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What is cornstarch packaging?

As the name suggests, the main resource used in the packaging is corn starch. It holds a consistency of plastic and produces polylactic acid (PLA) from corn starch in the process. This explains why corn starch-based plastics are also known as PLA plastics.

What are the advantages of this type of packaging?

- It’s made from a renewable resource. - It’s biodegradable. - It doesn't contain any harmful chemical or toxins. - It allows to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions

How much does the cornstarch cost?

Initially the corn starch packaging was very expensive. However, nowadays, it can cost less than 1$ per unit.

Is cornstarch eco-friendly?

Yes it is. The plastic made from cornstarch is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It has the same appearance but it is way more eco-friendly.