Cute, Practical and Timeless! We love this free custom pillow design offered to customers who purchase 259 Thai Bhat worth of Pond’s White Beauty collection. Pond’s has been running for over 150 years under Unilever, so by now they have learnt a thing or two about successful marketing items.

Personalized promotional products are a great way of offering customers something extra whilst extending your brand exposure beyond the shop floor. One of the most important parts when choosing the perfect promotional item for your business is the branding space. A pillow has a great branding area on the cover, to print your logo, your artwork or your products on it.


In the cosmetics market especially, with so many brands, it is essential to make yourself stand out. A cosmetic promotional gift will certainly give you one up on competitor brands!


Some products never go out of fashion, take for example the promotional giveaway pillow!


Increasing Sales with a Custom Pillow Design

Increasing Sales with a Custom Pillow Design


We love this design as it is not you standard square pillow. Meaning it is a design that is standing more out of the crowd.  It is very cute and in keeping with the Brand colours.


Increasing Sales with a Custom Pillow Design

Increasing Sales with a Custom Pillow Design



Why we love this Custom Pillow Design:

  • Practical: Pillows are a great promotional gift idea as everyone uses them. From your bed, to your sofa to your travels! Pillows make a practical gift idea that exhibit your brand beyond the shop floor.


  • Customisable: Turn this into a branded gift with purchase! Easily create a unique design with the help of our experts. These pillow designs are highly customisable in order to allow you to design them to your exact specifications. This allows for a more personalized design that can extend your brand exposure.


  • Additional customers: Cheap but effective! If a customer was torn between two products, they are more likely to choose yours as there is something extra given to them.


  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: A promotional gift offer is great for enhancing your existing customer base’s experience with your company. Those that do buy your cosmetic product on a regular basis will feel like they are getting something back.


So transform your bedroom or living room with custom pillows – this is a great promotional giveaway and one to increase your sales! Could a Promotional Incentive Gift, such as this Custom Pillow Design, boost your business? Would offering a Gift enhance your customer loyalty? Here at the ODM we have an expert team of designers and manufactures that can produce products exactly to your desire. So get in contact with us today – we’d love to hear from you! 


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