Every last Friday of June is Cream Tea Day! Why not enjoy your afternoon tea with promotional gift ideas such as a custom tea box!

Cream Tea Day - Custom Tea Box

Cream Tea Day

This beautiful Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG adds a touch of sophistication to their product. This custom promotional merchandise is ideal for displaying the tea in a visual way for the tea drinker.


We saw this particular box at a hotel, but this innovative brand packaging design would take off in a restaurant, an office or even as a gift for a tea lover!


A Custom Tea Box is a box where you can store and display tea. 


Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG

Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG


Branded as the “first and only upscale tea salon” in Singapore, TWG Tea sells tea, as well as tea-infused food, such as savoury items, pastries and desserts. It also sells upscale tea accessories, such as gold and platinum teacups. TWG Tea products are sold through the company’s outlets as well as in upscale retailers such as Harrods. TWG Tea sells over 800 different tea varieties from every tea producing country in the world.


Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG

Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG


With so many drinks packaging design ideas floating around the tea industry, it is essential to make your product’s packaging stand out. This bespoke tea box design comes with 4 equally divided compartments that can easily hold and organize any assortment of tea bags into different categories with full display of the different products. It is a wooden design with a faux-suede inner lining – all colored in a royal blue. The inside displays the company brand and a description of the company.


Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG

Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG

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Why we like this Custom Tea Box:

  • Bespoke Design: Packaging Design is essential to get right as this is the first interaction the customer will have with your product and therefore form their initial opinions of your product. Custom retail packaging affects one’s buying decision. Consumers, (especially when buying for hotels, offices or as gifts), tend to select products in beautiful packages. It can assist, therefore, in developing brand awareness and stimulating sales.


  • Practical: The high quality materials used to develop this product helps improve the value of the product and retain consumers’ trust.  High quality materials ensure longevity of the promotional product and continued brand exposure. This bespoke design is practical in displaying the tea whilst upholding the TWG Brand reputation.


  • Endorses the Companies Product: Producing custom packaging design which endorses the customers’ overall experience with your product is a win win! This Custom Tea Box makes it easy for the customer to see what teas re on offer and neatly display and select their tea of choice.


Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG

Bespoke Custom Tea Box by TWG


As we have seen, presentation is the key to a successful campaign. And by presentation, we mean the general visual appeal of your product, which includes your promotional packaging. Branded retail packaging can help a business in so many ways.


Would bespoke packaging display such as this boost your brand remembrance and loyalty to your brand? You do not want your product to be forgotten. That’s why it is really important to invest in a high-quality packaging.

For effective and beautiful designs, speak with our Mindsparkz team today. Aside from promotional products, ODM can help you with designing and creating branded retail packaging. We can customize them according to your branding requirements. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today. You may also visit our website to see our list of services.



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