Creating an original and distinctive POS display is so important for marketing your brand. In a field of many competitors, you need to be unique to stand out. We think this original bespoke packaging box by Annandale Distillery is a great example which we found at Imbibe Live. For us, they tick all the boxes here with a sleek, innovative designed case to hold one of their whisky bottles.

bespoke packaging box 2

Bespoke packaging box by Annandale Distillery

At big promotional events like these, you want to grab the attention of customers so they will come to you rather than your competitors. A bespoke packaging box display is a sure way to do that!

Why should you invest in unique bespoke packaging for a POS display?

Distinction – In big promotional events, you want to be the brand that gathers a large audience! Having a design which differs from a standard square case will stick in people’s minds as they wander around. Novelty is the way to grab people’s attention!

Exciting features – The electrical chord here could have a number of functions. It could be an LED promotional display or it could spin – so there is lots of potential! A customer will see an exciting display and will be intrigued to come over and watch. A bespoke packaging box can incorporate lots of features like this personalised to you.

Brand promotion – Here the triangle design is shaped to resemble a sword which is the name of the whisky, Man O’Sword. This reinforces the brand name to customers who will associate it with the design. With a bespoke packaging box, you can easily tailor the design to complement your brand name.

Reusable – A bespoke packaging box is ideal because you can use it time and time again at different promotional events. You won’t need to keep replacing POS displays which can increase costs. Therefore, there is more budget for other great marketing strategies, such as a promotional gift pack.

bespoke packaging box 1

Bespoke packaging box and barrel display by Annandale Distillery


We also really like the accompanying branded barrel display behind. You might notice that the barrel is not very high quality as you would expect. For example, the paint is coming off in certain places and the wood has stains. This gives it a rustic, authentic feel which further promotes their brand. People are always interested where the products they buy come from! Touches like these at your POS display which stay true to your brand are a great way to draw in customers.

How can we help you?

We have many creative designers here at ODM who can discuss with you how you want a bespoke packaging box to appear as a great POS display. We can generate a unique design that will push you forward in the market. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email now!

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