Branded Deck Chair: The Hottest Promo Product Of The Summer

We all know that for a marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be shareable online. Well, what could be more Instagram-able than this branded deck chair? They are quirky, fun, and look great in the sun. We spotted these in Grosvenor Park this summer and they were certainly a crowd-pleaser.

Branded Deck Chair

Branded Deck Chair

This branded deck chair makes you feel as if you have been transported to a sandy beach in summertime. People instantly associate Pimm’s with summer, therefore this promotional product is a great fit for their company. The red colours stand out straight away against the leafy background and tie in with Pimm’s classic branding.

However, these attractive promo products aren’t just useful for Pimm’s, any company can benefit from this unique outdoor display.

Here Are 5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Branded Deck Chair:

  • They’re Memorable: People walk past dozens of signs a day without stopping to read them or even noticing the brand. These will set you apart from your competitors as they are a point of interest for people to stop, have a seat, and enjoy.
  • They’re Re-usable: A branded deck chair can be used at a whole host of different events. You may choose to have them in your shop or take them to trade shows.
  • They’re Versatile: The chairs are a great fit for companies in any industry. They can be designed to look the way you want them.
  • They’re Shareable: As previously mentioned, people will certainly take the time to post these on their various social media channels. This means your brand exposure will increase massively. We would recommend adding a hashtag to your deck chair to make them even more share-friendly.
  • They’re Useful: People will actually interact and engage with the product, by sitting on it. If you purchase a large quantity you can instantly create a fun social space for your customers.

Why Pimm’s Continues To Impress Us

Branded Deck Chair


Pimm’s have absolutely nailed this design, matching it beautifully with their promotional merchandise shop behind. They have chosen to use a white gazebo, making Pimm’s classic red colours look very striking. The large Pimm’s signs mean people can instantly recognise the brand. To the right of the stand is another chair, that invites customers in. This chair has a more vintage feel to it, reminding customers of Pimm’s rich heritage. Pimm’s have finished the whole design off with two beautiful white blossom trees that really add a sense of class.

Pimm’s are a brand that we’ve admired for a while here at ODM, for a variety of reasons. From their “It’s Pimm’s o’cock” brand activation campaign:

To this fantastic chair and bicycle display, we found in-store.

They continue to produce exceptional promotional products, more of which can be seen here:

Their glasses are great as they are clean and crisp. More importantly, they will be used by customers on social occasions, increasing brand exposure. The swinging chair is another brilliant addition to Pimm’s stellar promotional seat family. Also, the promotional note pad makes a great gift with purchase for customers. Finally, the drinks bucket is the perfect product for drinking Pimm’s on the beach, whilst also increasing their brand awareness!

Check out their Instagram here for more.

So, there you have it. These unique, customer-engaging personalised promotional products are a must-have for summer. Not only will people notice and remember them, but also interact with them and share them online. Be sure to stand out from the crowd at any trade show and be the envy of your competitors!

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Let Us Help You Utilise These Benefits

This is where we come in. ODM group has a wealth of experience in designing and sourcing products. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are getting the best possible product. We can design a branded deck chair, to your specifications, as well as any promotional product you can think of! Please contact us today!


Here’s More Inspiration For Your Next Promo Product

Here’s another great way to promote your brand during the summer months:

Go big or go home! Check out this giant outdoor promotional display from Cartier:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are deck chairs made of?

Branded Deck Chair

It is a type of chair consisting of a wood frame and fabric or vinyl that serves as the backrest and seat. It is portable and lightweight and is usually seen being used on the beach. There are many types of deck chairs and it is important to know each type so as to determine which style is suitable for your brand. Some of the most commonly used types are Adirondack chairs, outdoor club, outdoor lounge, and the classic wooden folding chairs.

How do you advertise with deckchairs?

Deck chairs are a great addition to your outdoor promotions, especially for drinks brands and bars. They are eye-catching, functional, and hip at the same time. Designing them around your brand visuals makes them really stand out. Most importantly, they symbolize relaxation so they really invite people to stop and take a sip of beer or any type of drinks you might be offering. To effectively make the most out of your deck chairs, you may want to use full-color canvas for mass appeal. Use them during festivals, summer promos, product launches, cinemas, outdoor bars, music events, and trade shows.

What other promotional item can i use to augment my outdoor campaign?

Custom Cargo Bike Manufacture

Cargo bikes are excellent to pair with your deck chairs. They can be transformed into a minibar for both hot and cold beverages. Most importantly, they are mobile. You can wheel them in and out your premises. So aside from being functional, they are also eco-friendly considering that they are mostly run by electricity. Feather banners are also a fantastic addition as they can be fully printed with your brand name and be placed in any strategic area of your outdoor space.

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