Short Chair

Used on most social gathering places such as bars, outside concert, pubs, cafes, sports venues, etc…., chairs always are prime location to showcase your brand and thus target the audience present. However, this fact is often overlooked by the various organizers and you miss a great opportunity to promote your brand.

The large space present in the back of the chair allows for various marketing messages, logo or images to be imprinted, thus providing clear visibility for firms who decided to use that mean of communication. Chairs also allow you to be creative in plenty of ways:


Director Chair

Aluminium Director Chair







Foldable or not, customized or not, chair offer large space for new creation and ideas, thus making it a convenient promotional message carrier. Additionally, they will be reusable for any future events you might have, allowing you promotion to be seen overtime by very different customer groups.


Promotional Beach Chair

Stadium Chair








Please find below some examples of promotional Chairs to be used as part of your next promotional campaign.

  • Folding Leisure Chair
  • Camping Table Chair
  • Beach Chair
  • Wood Frame Director Chair
  • Swing Chair
  • Aluminium Foldable Chair
  • Bar Chair
  • Dining Table and Chair Set

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