DHL has been spotted recently using a promotional memo pad pallet within their marketing campaign.

The shipping industry has far too many players involved that it makes it essential for companies to include promotions in order for customers to remember the brands.

Below we can see how DHL has branded its own promotional memo pad pallet.

Promotional memo pad pallet as a giveaway

Promotional memo pad pallet as a giveaway

How does this promotional memo pad pallet enable DHL to increase its brand awareness and customer retention?

First of all, it is important to note that people like to receive free items as this make them feel valued.

DHL has thought appropriately about how customers are going to remember their brand. Basically they have put a big emphasis on desk promotional items in order for people to remember them in urgent situations. Moreover, the memo pad is an item that it is required in a daily basis if placed on an office desk for instance.

Ever imagined how much exposure this could have?

The pallet holding the memo pad is made out of wood. This might be an issue whilst exporting to countries like Australia and therefore means that the wood has to be fumigated.

Fumigation becomes necessary in order to keep away exotic pests and diseases entering into the country. Timber insects pose a significant quarantine risk in all countries and accordingly all wooden packing material used in the export packing should be fumigated. 

Nevertheless, we could play around with the materials of the pallet and use a plastic one instead which is a more affordable option.

Promotional memo pad pallet as a giveaway

Promotional memo pad pallet as a giveaway

The shipping industry involves investing a lot in promotions to make sure people remember the service you gave them as well as your brand so that they don´t shop around.

Therefore, a promotional memo pad pallet should be a must for logistical companies in order to gain awareness!

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