The recent coronavirus outbreak has created a tremendous demand for healthcare products such as masks, hand sanitizer gel, etc. As a result, you may probably have tons of questions regarding the export of those materials. In this article, we will enlighten you with 10 pitfalls around the shipping healthcare products from China.

Shipping healthcare products from China - 10 pitfalls

Shipping healthcare products from China – 10 pitfalls

10 pitfalls of shipping healthcare products from China

1. In general, health products such as face masks can be exported without any issues from China if there are no regulatory conditions. However, it’s a bit more complicated with certificate-related masks because it requires 3 different certificates: the first one is the scope of the business, second is the registration certificate, and finally the manufacturer test report. Moreover, the elementary condition is that the company does have the right to import/export products.

2. Regarding, for example, the certificate-related masks, companies must have qualifications to export it. Qualifications requirements are mandatory for shipping from China to any country. However, masks that are not subject to regulations can be easily exported without certifications.

3. All countries have a standard in terms of shipping. As a result, the export company has to obtain the necessary certifications to deliver in the country. Take the example of Europe, when you want to deliver a product to this region, you must have a CE certification, a certification mark that shows your company conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards within the European Economic Area. For the USA, you must have an FDA certification, and for Korea, you need a KF certification.

4. It can be more difficult to export to some countries such as Iran. When you want to ship masks from China to Iran, you need to apply for a COI certification.

5. In case your company has the three certificates (as mentioned above) and can provide it to border inspection, you can export licensed-related masks without export qualification itself. But those 3 certificates are mandatory.

6. The qualification required to export ordinary as well as medical masks is based on product quality and standards. But there is a mask classification. Masks of Class II and Class III requires a registration certification for exportation.

7. Trading companies can export masks because manufacturers can provide the 3 different certificates. Moreover, as the scope of trade companies includes the labor protection supplies, the tax refund would be possible in this case.

8. You are not allowed to export personal mails. Diverse companies can be used to send goods to the USA for example, such as FEXED, UPS, DHL, EMS, and SF. However, some companies ask to provide the FDA certification, whereas some other companies simply refuse. Overall, if you do not have the US FDA certification, US customs will refuse entry.

9. You don’t need medical certification to export meltdown clothes. To check whether your product is a medical device or not, you can go to the website of State Food and Drug Administration.

10. Customs have any supervision condition of the export of healthcare products.


We hope that this blog helps you to understand the ins and outs of shipping healthcare products from China during this tough period of coronavirus outbreak. If you have any other questions regarding this subject, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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