Personal and hygiene are really important for everyone during this period of time.  The ODM team has recently come across this really interesting product called the Travel Portable Disinfecting Hand Wash Paper Soap. We think that a branded paper soap will make a great alternative to hand sanitizers and hand wash, which are currently difficult to obtain and are sold out in many stores worldwide.


Product Specifications:

  • Ingredients: Paper Soap, Herbal Oil, Glycerol, Embellish Skin Lotion
  • Size: 6.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Product Code: ODM-2822


Here are 7 reasons why a branded paper soap will make a great marketing gift:

Branded Paper Soap

Branded Paper Soap

All-Natural Ingredients

The branded paper soap is made out of natural ingredients like herbal oil, which acts as a natural hand sanitizer to clear bacteria from your hands. It is also fragrant and will make your hands smell fresh. The paper is also made of glycerol and embellish skin lotion that will keep your hands moisturised. This soap paper is definitely better than the hand soap provided in public restrooms.

Branded Paper Soap

The ingredients in the paper soap can get rid of disease-causing bacteria and viruses!


Branded Paper Soap

The casing is small so it will not consume a lot of space.

The paper soap holder is compact and small in size; hence, it will not consume a lot of bag space. In addition, it is very light to carry around, making it convenient for users.

Branded Paper Soap

You can also carry it around in your purse!


Easy to Use

All you need to do is you place a sheet of paper and wash it with water. It dissolves completely in water and can be washed away easily.



There are a wide variety of colours you can choose from for the casing. In addition, companies can also have their brand logo printed on it. There is also a variety of fragrances to choose from for the paper soap.

Branded Paper Soap

The casing has a variety of colours


The soap paper is biodegradable so none of it will end up in landfills. Furthermore, it being phosphate-free means that it will not be damaging to the environment. There are more people being environmentally-conscious and are looking for more green promotional products. Thus, this branded paper soap will make a great custom promotional gift. This can also allow companies to improve their brand image.


One concern hand sanitizer users faced is spilling the liquid onto their bag contents. However, for soap paper, it is dry and only dissolves in water. Therefore, users will not have to worry about ruining their bag contents.


Soap paper is a unique and innovative idea. Having them as promotional gifts for on-pack promotions and in-pack gifts with a certain product can entice shoppers into buying it.


In a nutshell…

A branded hand wash paper soap makes a very unique promotional product for companies. We think that this product will be a necessity for many people to stay clean and hygienic.

If you are interested in having a custom promotional merchandise for business, do not hesitate to contact the ODM team. We have designers from Mindsparkz that can assist you with product design and customisation.


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