Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important for companies in today’s society as we move towards a more sustainable Earth. There has been a growth in branded eco-friendly products with the release of items such as branded eco-friendly bags, promotional recycled pens, promotional cutlery, and eco-friendly lamps. These custom eco-friendly products were found at Canton Fair. This blog will cover custom eco-friendly products focusing on kitchenware and how they can help companies improve their reputation.


Why Invest in Custom Eco-Friendly Products?

  • Gain recognition for sustainable focus

Receive support from environmental and green groups to help grow and build existing customer relationships. This will result in trust and customer loyalty. These products can also become eco-friendly corporate gifts to make staff and employees feel appreciated for their hard work.

Custom Eco-Friendly Products

Custom Eco-Friendly Products

  • Increase brand awareness

By using custom eco-friendly products at work or at home, people will be exposed to the brand name whenever they eat or drink. This food tray set is the perfect item as there are a good number of items which will definitely be used.

Custom Eco-Friendly Products

Custom Eco-Friendly Products

  • Follow the demand

Eco-friendly containers are growing in demand as there is a lot of waste with plastic packaging. People are spending more to be sustainable and help the movement of change to a healthier environment. Eco-friendly packaging designs are available to help companies find the best option for them.


Custom Eco-Friendly Products

Custom Eco-Friendly Products

To Sum Up….

Green promotional merchandise is the way forward to increase brand awareness, gain a wider customer base and grow further. These kitchenware products will come in handy and have the potential to be used every day by customers. So, what are you waiting for? Would your customers love eco-friendly kitchenware? Do they care about being sustainable? Which product would you pick; the food tray set or containers? Any designs come to mind?


The code for the eco-friendly food tray set and cups is 2761, and the code for the eco-friendly containers is 2760. Please quote these codes when contacting us at either our China or Vietnam office. Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can assist in creating interesting ideas and designs if needed.


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