Fundador liquor is offering a buy-two-get-one-free promotion where customers will get a free 500 mL Fundador Solera with when they buy two 1 L Fundador Ultra Smooth’s. The royal blue custom cardboard packaging is just perfect and goes well with the design of their newest line of products.


Fundador’s Custom Cardboard Packaging – Why It Works

Several years ago, fewer companies pay attention on the environmental aspect of doing business. If there were a few rules or laws surrounding the idea, most of them were not strictly implemented. But now, green marketing and sustainability are a trending concept.

3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging

3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging

Back in the day, plastic was the number one choice for packaging. It is cheap, lightweight, easy to source. Unfortunately plastic is not biodegradable and caused major solid waste pollution problems. As such, Fundador’s choice of using cardboard over plastic is well-thought and applaudable.

Fundador’s custom retail packaging is a full print pack that promotes their ongoing promotion. It is really effective since shoppers see the promotion immediately. Anyone can easily spot the buy 2 get 1 offer; free Fundador Solera 500 ml bottle for every purchase of 2 bottles of Fundador Ultra Smooth 1L.

For cardboard packaging design ideas, check out this cardboard packaging with full printing from Oreo.

Why do we like Fundador’s Custom Cardboard Packaging?

  • Brand Promotion – Offering customers something complimentary enhances customer experience and loyalty. But it’s also important that your offer can be easily spotted by shoppers. And Fundador’s cardboard packaging did just that!
  • Design Appeal – This cardboard design perfectly compliments the products. Unlike closed packaging wherein customers guess what’s inside, the cut exposes what’s really inside the promotional pack. Overall, This helps consumers decide whether they should make the purchase. The design has practical and visual appeal that other brands lack.
3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging

3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging

  • Sustainability – More and more companies are turning to sustainable food packaging solutions such as these cardboard boxes. There is no decline of brand awareness. The production costs are not over the roof.  Consequently, it attracts new customers. Furthermore, it’s easy to print designs on cardboard boxes which makes them a very good packaging choice.


3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging

3 Reasons to Love Fundador’s Eco-Friendly Custom Cardboard Packaging


Overall, this custom cardboard packaging from Fundador leaves a bold impression on customers and competitors. It conveys that the brand put strong emphasis on sustainability and the use of eco-friendly packaging materials. A great way to improve brand image whilst protecting the environment.


Aside from cardboard, marketers should also consider flax fiber as a good alternative. To know everything about this sustainable material, read on the blog below:


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Why cardboard packaging?

Cardboard packaging is biodegradable which makes it very eco-friendly. It is also cheap, lightweight, and relatively easy to source.

How does cardboard packaging benefit my brand?

Apart from this being eco-friendly, cardboard packaging also stands out if properly customized. It can be used for display stands or even gift packaging in themselves. Either way, it's bound to make your brand stand out

Is there an eco-friendly alternative for Cardboard packaging?

Yes, flax fiber is a really great alternative.