Bespoke whiskey packaging is just as important as the whiskey itself. Elegance and maturity are all qualities that we associate with whiskey and Talisker Skye embodies this with its own unique design. This packaging, in the form of EVA isolated case with a handle, promotes the brand in several ways as it attracts attention with its unique design making it an uncommon item and is a great example of drinks marketing products.

Bespoke Whiskey Packaging

Bespoke whiskey packaging – Foam case tailor made for Talisker Skye

The Benefits to using this Bespoke Whiskey Packaging?

  • Stylish design – the custom whiskey packaging in such artistic and sleek design attracts the individuals by bringing their attention. Opens nicely with and made in their Pantone blue colour, repeating the label.
  • Handy –  Talisker Skye used EVA foam case providing some insulation and great carry buckle.
  • Unique shape – this case fits this bottle and really only this bottle so encourages brand loyalty.
  • Protection –  The packaging design ensures that it protects the whisky glass bottle.
  • Fashionable – The design appeals to a society where fashion and image is increasingly important.
  • The packaging evokes the qualities that whiskey embodies, elegance, luxury and comfort.

Here is the video of Talisker Skye EVA case, which we took to show how it opens:

Whiskey is an acquired taste that is either bought for yourself or friends and family as gifts. Having a bespoke packaging design ensures that your bottle of whiskey is not like any other available on the market. Making it a more personalized and special when purchased.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us anytime as ODM and our in-house design team Mindsparkz can provide you with brand packaging design the right resources to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

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