If you are in the retail business, promotional coins are a unique way  way to build enduring visual impact. Also called commemorative coins, they are special edition coins created to celebrate important events or honor prominent people.


Australian Lunar Coin Series Promotional Coins for Lasting Visibility

Australian Lunar Coin Series Promotional Coins for Lasting Visibility

This Australian Lunar Coin Series commemorative coin being sold in Macau bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and year of the rooster design on the other side. These special gilded and silver commemorative coins are Australian legal tender, which means they have value in Australia. Legal tender means they can be used to pay debts or fulfill financial obligations.

Australian Lunar Coin Series Promotional Coins for Lasting Visibility

Australian Lunar Coin Series Promotional Coins for Lasting Visibility

Durable and high quality, we love how these promotional coins can boost brand impact. It serves as a solid remembrance of the years past, which appeals to collectors.

Why Promotional Coins?

Unlike coupons, leaflets, and flyers, promotional coins provide long lasting advertising benefit.

  • Valuable: Customers can use them to purchase select products form your brand or as gaming and vending machine tokens. Another example is trolley coins. They are a practical gift to shoppers and it ensures that your brand goes straight to their pockets.
  • Exclusivity: Promotional coins are also ideal replacement for vouchers, allowing customers to exchange them for exclusive products from your brand. This will help encourage customers to collect coins and patronize your brand over competitors. Companies can also use them as on-pack/in-pack promo gifts so that only those who purchase your product or subscribe to your mail/magazine list can get your promotional coins.
  • Promotes Brand: They are a great way to celebrate the opening of your new business or anniversary. It also serves as a tangible token for prestigious sporting events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.
  • Collector’s Item: Being limited edition elevates the status of your promotional coins to a valuable collector’s item. The more unique the design is, the more appealing it is to collectors. Plus, its monetary and sentimental value increments as time passes.
  • Durable: Metal commemorative coins are durable and so your message will stay with your customers for years to come. This sustains brand visibility and brand remembrance.
  • Cost-effective: Promotional coins are relatively inexpensive to produce. Considering the visual impact and long lasting advertising value, they are an effective promotional product that will not break the bank.

Designing Promotional Coins

While most commemorative coins are made with metal, they can also be made with plastic and sizes may vary according to your branding needs. One side may be used to feature your logo  while the other bears the details of the event. If you need help designing your promotional coins, speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz.

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