A Commemorative Glass for a Special Event

Football (soccer) fans in Houston Texas can get their hands on this commemorative glass. For this weekend’s match (8th September 2013) against New York Red Bulls fans can avail of the offer by purchasing a special game package ticket. The special $25 “Dynamo Beer Garden Package” includes  a match ticket, commemorative pint glass, pre-game drinks and a meet & great with the Dynamo girls.

The pint glass is a one time production that features the club crest of Houston Dynamo on the front and the match details on the back as well as being branded with the Budweiser logo.

Commemorative Glass for Special Event

Commemorative Glass for Special Event

Why use special commemorative glass for special occasions?

The reasons that marketing campaigns use commemorative items are plentiful:

  • Adds value to the total offering –  As seen in this example the special match package includes tangible and intangible aspects. The glass is a gift giveaway item that comes free with the package deal. In order to retain value from customers, the offering needs to contain perceived value for the customer. The promotional glass is a low cost product that when branded and made into a commemorative glass turns into a high end gift.
  • Collectible merchandise –  Commemorative items make highly collectible items due to their uniqueness and design. Their sentimental and monetary value increases over time.
  • Incentive product –  When a commemorative item is offered as apart of a package it makes it more likely that the customer will purchase the package.
  • A way of celebration –  As a mark of respect items are branded in unique ways to commemorate special occasions.
  • Joint promoting –  As seen in the glass example the club merchandise glass is also branded with the Budweiser logo. Special events can allow multiple brands to work with each other to joint  promote.

For more example of commemorative and anniversary promotional marketing check below:

Special commemorative items and products are made for many different special occasions. If you are looking to manufacture such items and products, ODM Group has a procurement office which can procure your products for you. Contact us to find out more on how we can assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How are drinking glasses manufactured?

There are 3 different steps in manufacturing a drink glass. Read our blog on drink glass manufacture to find out more!

What other special commemorative products are there?

Some commemorative gifts include notebooks, message glass blocks, tote bags, personalised golf balls and keychains.

How are drinking glasses branded or customised?

They are usually custom printed or laser engraved.

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