Corporate gifts are a great way to impress new employees and customers by creating a lasting image for your brand. These premium corporate gift ideas are essential to building a stronger brand image, as well as generating a strong customer or employee relationship.  Here, at ODM, we work hard to provide clients meaningful and useful corporate gifts that will help improve productivity and efficiency. Here’s our top 15 best corporate premium gift ideas for your brand!

Leather Premium Gift

Leather is a high-end and premium material. It holds a high value among gifts, and whether it be genuine leather or PU leather, it promotes a prestigious gift. In addition, leather products are long-lasting and a higher chance the client will have the product for a long time. Thus, you can consider embossing your company logo on the premium leather gift. If your client uses your leather product daily, there is an increase in the recall of your brand name! This could lead to an increase in sales in the future.


Leather Keychain

Never underestimate the power of small gifts. Premium keychains are useful gifts suitable for any client. Keychains can be attached to multiple things including bags or car keys. If the keychain is well designed, customers are more likely to hang your premium gift on their bags. Marketing gift ideas provide a high visibility of your brand name.

Corporate premium gift idea

Custom High End Stylish Leather Keyring by Pandora


Leather Name Card Holder

Name cards are a must-have with all professional businesses. Thus, leather name card holders are great vip corporate gift ideas. It is a practical gift which is crucial because this will increase the usage of the product and enhance your brand image with your clients.

Corporate premium gift idea

Special Offer for High-End Name Card Holders!

Leather Garment Bag

Clients who travel frequently will definitely find a need for quality garment bag to hold their suits. Thus, a handy and sturdy garment bag will suit their needs perfectly. This can help to create good relationships with your clients and increase brand loyalty. By catering to their needs, your clients will feel that you understand them fully and will want to work with you in the long run. These garment bags are stylish and professional looking.

Corporate premium gift idea

Customer Gift For Travelling: Leather Garment Bags


Leather Duffel Bag

This stylish and uniform leather duffel bag has many great features including being spacious, having classy gold detailing, and sturdy handles. As your clients are bound to travel on a regular basis, a duffel bag can also double up as a travel bag. With your company name going around the world with your client, your brand name will be seen in many different parts of the world!


Leather Make Up Bag

A gift which is suited to both men and women. It can be used as a toiletry bag, which can be taken away travelling. When customised, leather makeup bags are stylish. People will be complemented on the great design of the product.

Corporate premium gift idea

Clinique Luxurious Leather promo gifts


Leather Passport Cover

Sleek and simple, a leather passport cover is practical. For travel companies, this gift would be used often. Moreover, it’s a very beautiful corporate gift.

Corporate premium gift idea

Picard Passport Cover Business Gift


Premium Gift for VIPs

Jewelry Container

This gorgeous Swarovski jewellery box is a stunning gift for customers. It can come in any customised colours you would like to choose. The attention to detail on this box include the precise stitching, rhinestone buckle and felt material on the inside. A quality gift like this one is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives this premium gift.

Corporate premium gift idea

Swarovski Promotional Jewelry Box



Cufflinks are highly customizable and you can consider having your brand name as the design on the cufflink to increase brand awareness and boost marketing efforts. The shaping, colours, and detailing of these cufflinks can be personalised and branded. Creating a great range of brand merchandise is great for brand awareness. You can create a specific brand image with branded merchandise.

Premium Corporate Gift

Promotional cufflinks


Wine Accessories

This wine accessory is a great idea as a corporate gift. Some corporate meetings are carried out with a glass of wine, which would make it a handy gift for the office. Similarly, wine is drunk with dinners and celebrations, making a wine accessory practical and thoughtful as a premium corporate gift. The designs are sleek and modern. The accessory pictured above is a wine aerator, which is used to enhance flavours and aromas.

Corporate premium gift idea

Wine aerator 2 Corporate Gift ideas: Wine Accessories



Simply, wallets are highly practical corporate gifts and a great addition to any branded merchandise set.

Corporate premium gift idea

Leather Wallet


Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter can be used by the many people that smoke cigars. These tools would be a great promotional brand product for tobacco brands. These have a high end feeling to them.

Corporate premium gift idea

Wedge Cigar cutter


Money Clip

Branded money clips are another great gift great for any new employee or client. Like all of the gifts in this post, it is practical and stylish. You too can create corporate gifts for your company.

Corporate premium gift idea

Exclusive GWP by Hanae Mori: Silver Money Clip



A practical and thoughtful company gift idea. This cheap and functional corporate gift will surely make your customers happy! They will use it very often.

Corporate premium gift idea

The Auto Executive : A New High End Promotional Umbrella


Heineken is offering a free luggage with logo for every purchase of their products. Luggage makes great high-end gifts especially for those who are always on the go and traveling overseas!

Luggage with Logo

Luggage with Logo

Other Premium Gift

Video Brochures/Invites
Video brochures are the latest industry trend in the world of luxury merchandise. They work like a usual brochure but have a LCD screen attached. This would be a perfect gift to send it to your VIP clients as an invite for a glamorous event or to introduce a new product. The possibilities are endless!

Premium corporate gifts are important for all industries. Although the luxury goods industry use premium gifts often, such high-end goods are also beneficial to your VIP clients, large clients and high-end clients. It would definitely shine a positive light on your brand if you offer such premium goods to your clients.


The ODM Group Can Help

Contact The ODM Group today for all enquiries about manufacturing and design enquiries. We have a professional team who are here to help with any of your own luxury corporate gift ideas. We hope you have found inspiration in some of the branded corporate gifts.


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What are the best corporate gifts?

There are a lot of great corporate gifts but leather gift holds high value among other, it promotes a prestigious gift. For example , leather keychain, leather name card holder, leather garment bag, leather duffel bag, leather make up bag, leather passport holder,..

Why is it important to offer corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are a great way to strengthen the relationship with clients. However, the gift have to be relevant and useful for clients if you want to reach the expected outcomes. That’s the reason why you have to develop a proper « gift strategy » in order to offer something creative because it will definitely improve your brand image. A good corporate gift is also a good way to show to your clients that you understand their needs.

How much should I spend on a good corporate gift?

Well it will depend on the gift. You have first to set a budget for all the gifts and then split it into clients. For example if you can allocate a budget of 375$ and you have 25 clients, you would spend 15$ per client. The average cost for great corporate gifts is between 15$ and 50$.