Leather products have high perceived value and look classy. Why not offer leather products for the VIPs? Presenting this leather duffel bag as a corporate gift can strengthen your business ties.

Corporate Gift Idea - Leather Duffel Bag for VIP

Corporate Gift Idea – Leather Duffel Bag for VIP

Why a Corporate Gift?

A corporate gift is a powerful tool to improve business relationships with our clients and partners. Giving a corporate gift shows your appreciation towards the receiver. Even better is if it has a high perceived value and Leather is seen as a classy corporate gift.

This marketing gift is suitable for the VIPs, or the prominent people in the company. A duffel bag is suitable for traveling or for going to the gym. Adding a strap that makes it a little more compact will make it suitable for the office too.

The leather duffel bag is highly customizable. You can choose to use genuine leather or imitation such as PU materials. Besides that, you can customize the interior and even the exterior of the bag. There are many ways to brand this bag with your logo.

One way is to use labels with your company name. You can also adopt the trending concept such as using an engraved metal plate for your logo. Try using your logo for the interior fabric. Your client and partners will surely see your logo every time they open the bag.

Choosing the Right Corporate Gift

When designing a corporate gift for your important business connection, bear in mind the receiver. Choose something that is suitable to their profile so that they will use these gifts. This leather duffel bag, for example, is suitable for law firms and those in the banking and finance industries.

While brainstorming, imagine the kind of lifestyle your target may have. Do they travel a lot? Or, do they sit on their desk most of the time? A desktop item may be very useful for those who spend most of their time in the office. The more they use your gift, the more effective your corporate gift is as a marketing tool.

How can ODM help you?

If you need help with designing your own leather duffel bag, our design team, Mindsparkz, can help you with that! They specialize in graphic design and they will help create a Specification Sheet for it! They also can advise you on what Pantone colour works best for your design.

We can also assist you with other promotional product needs. Our services include product design, sourcing, quality control, and shipping. We ensure you that the product will be high-quality and up to standards. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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