When you run a company, you probably have given your clients and employees some sort of gifts that to reward them for their service or to commemorate an achievement. When it comes to corporate gifting, you want something that is unique but will not drain your year-end marketing budget. Offering a premium corporate gifts with logo can help your company in more ways than one.

Employees and clients will surely appreciate the simple gesture, thereby cultivating trust within the company. One of the most popular corporate gift ideas to offer is branded stationery sets. But what should you include in your corporate gift sets?

Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo – Items to Put to Your Gift Sets

Journals, Notepads, Notebooks – Being high-utility, recipients will certainly keep these custom branded promotional gift. These will be ideal for jotting down ideas, keeping meeting agenda, and recording important meetings. What we like about these items is that you can make matching notepads, notebooks, and pens to further reinforce your message.


Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo


Pen – Writing instruments such as pens, pencils, and highlighters are also a brilliant way to get your brand into the hands of your target market. In this example, you can see that the color of the body matches with the other items in the set, creating a unified look.

Push Pins – Make your announcement boards pop with cute colorful push pins! We have a wide variety of cute push pins to choose from. The fuzzy ones are perfect for personal boards at home. While the simple ones would suit the more structured and professional environment at work.


Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo (Push Pins)


Customized Paper Clips – Impress your clients with these cute custom paper clips! The vibrant charms attached to the clips are made from enamel. Here we have a cute heart-shaped pin, champagne, shooting star, cloud, and cupcake pin, which are suitable for kids. However, you can also custom design them to reflect your brand. For instance, creating clips with your mascot as the main design will surely give your company a lot of marketing advantage.


Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo (Paper Clips)


If you want a more professional look, keep it simple with your brand name or logo as the main design.

Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo (Paper Clips)


Magnets – We can’t get enough of these glass magnets! The clear magnets are really fun to look at but they are more than just decorative items as they allow you to organize your posts, notes, and memos on your board.

Corporate Gift with Logo

Corporate Gifts with Logo (Glass Magnets)

Clipboard – This important office item keeps your files organized and crumple free. Bringing them with you at meetings will surely boost your image as an organization. They are also ideal for trade shows and events where you need to show off your brand.


Our Key Takeaways…

Corporate gift giving is an essential part of creating a better work environment for employees. Recipients will not only appreciate your corporate gifts with logo, but this will also build loyalty while reinforcing your brand message. Because they are all practical items, your recipients will surely use them every day, gaining your company daily exposure.

If you are interested in any of items, send us an email today quoting product code 2517. Let us know if you have any design idea in mind. Our product designers at Mindsparkz can whip up high-quality designs for your business.

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