Unique Corporate Gifts to Keep Your Brand on Top of the Game

We should place a stronger emphasis on the importance of offering unique corporate gifts because not only do they help improve business ties, they also make your employees feel appreciated. It is, therefore, essential to provide useful and unique corporate gifts to clients. This is because it helps differentiate your company from competitors. Your clients will also be delighted to receive such thoughtful gifts.

Unique free promotional gifts and handy corporate giveaways are a simple way to get your brand out there. For example, you could offer an 18-in-1 credit card tool as a branded corporate gift. Practical and useful, your recipients will appreciate the gift of convenience.

Unique Corporate Gifts to Keep Your Brand on Top of the Game

Unique Corporate Gifts to Keep Your Brand on Top of the Game

What are the Awesome Features of this Unique Corporate Gift?

  1. 2 Rulers (inch and cm)
  2. 4 screwdriver (eyeglasses and 3 others)
  3. Cellphone stand
  4. 4 openers (Bottle, Letter opener, Box opener, Can opener)
  5. Peeler
  6. 6 Hex Wrenches

Apart from the 18 tools you’ll always have with you, here’s another 9 reasons why you should offer this card as corporate souvenirs.

9 Reasons Why this 18-in-1 Credit Card Tool Makes Unique Corporate Gifts?

  1. Portable: With its slim design, your clients could bring this gift with them wherever they go. This is because your clients can easily keep it inside their wallet or the back of their phone covers.
  2. Practical and Functional:  This is a handy tool to have around. Need a peeler or ruler right away? The tool is just right inside their wallets.
  3. Lightweight: It would definitely be lighter to bring these 18 tools around as compared to carrying the tools separately. This is because it was designed with convenience in mind.
  4. Customizable: One way to gain exposure is by printing your company’s logo on the product. With laser engraving, you can etch intricate details of your logo on the material. This printing method ensures that your branding will not wear off after several use.
  5. Unique: It is crucial that you offer a unique product that your clients can use regularly. By using them every day, your clients and employees will always be exposed to your brand. Not only is it useful but it also brings your company closer to your target audience
  6. Higher Perceived Value: By gifting your clients with custom branded merchandise, they will ultimately come to associate your company with high quality products and services. This gives your company a competitive edge. There is also a higher likelihood of them choosing you over your competitors.
  7. Increase Brand Awareness: If you offer a custom promotional gift to your clients, you are making it easier for them to remember you. This is because you have created a lasting impression on them with these unique gifts. As a result, you’ll be the first company they will think of should they need business partners to help grow their brand.
  8. Enhance Brand Visibility: Your corporate gift should be beneficial for the clients. By doing so, it shows that you have the clients’ best interest at heart – regardless of whether they decide to do business with you. As a result, your clients would be more likely to trust your company and the products and services you offer.
  9. Boost Sales: Unique corporate gift ideas can help increase the perceived value of your company and raise your visibility. And these factors combined, leads to a larger customer base. Thus, generating higher revenue and profit for your company.

In a Nutshell…

Giving away useful and unique corporate gifts will help maintain good business relations. In addition, it will help in creating greater brand remembrance.

Customizing these gifts with your logo or trademark color will definitely increase brand recall. This way, your clients would never mistake you for another company. The reasons listed above make this 18-in-1 credit card tool a unique corporate gift that your recipients will love.

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If you like this multifunctional office tool, do send us an email. Product code for reference: 792

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Corporate Gifts 

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Why do I need a webcam cover?

With the advancement of technology, comes also the abuse of technology. Hackers have been shown to be able to hijack your webcam cameras to use it against you - even when its turned off. Webcam covers help physically turn of your webcam, protecting it from malware hackers.

What are employee gifts for?

Employee gifts are great for extending your gratitude for your employees, establishing goodwill and promoting internal branding. Your employees' welfare is crucial to productivity and your quality of service.

How is a Work from Home Survival Kit Beneficial?

Working from home has become a part of a temporary normal for many countries ever since the covid 19 outbreak. Offices are closed and employees are working from home for the safety of staff. Including your brand in your own work from home kit can greatly boost your brand awareness because your customers will be using them while working 5 days of the week! This is also a great way to show your employees you care.

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