Packing items into a suitcase can be tedious chore, especially when your items are varied. However, with some organisation using travel cases, this will ease your packing and unpacking experience. Hence, why we feel this gift with purchase designed travel cases idea would be perfect to offer to jet-setting customers.

Designed Travel Cases as Exclusive Gifts for Travellers in HK

Artist Designed Travel Cases as Exclusive Gifts for Travelers in HK

Recently in Hong Kong five companies from the hotel, financial and tourism industry (Lotte, Parco, Robinsons, Siam and Taipei 101) rolled-out this effective promotional giveaway. Guests were being offered free designed travel case sets with a purchase.

Designed Travel Cases as Exclusive Gifts

Artist Designed Travel Cases as Exclusive Gifts for Travelers in HK

Micheal Lau, a contemporary artist based in Hong Kong worked in collaboration to design these travel cases. As a well-known artist, popularized for his urban vinyl style and worldwide exhibitions, his unique designs would definitely draw attention. It includes a full range of suitcase organizers, including a tote bag, toiletry bag and shirt bag.

What are the benefits of designed travel cases?

  • Practicality: Micheal Lau designed these travel cases to provide users with optimum practical use. In fact, its well thought out segments (tote bag, travel toiletry bag, shirt bag) enables the user to organize travel items smartly.
  • Brand visibility: A great asset is that you can customize your own travel cases to your company’s style requirements. Therefore, an advantageous way of increasing brand visibility.
  • Originality: This Gift With Purchase idea will stand out amongst competitors as it is unique, thus putting you ahead of the curve.
  • Souvenir: Travelers are always looking for souvenirs to take back home. This will also add to a great travel experience.
  • Brand identification: These promotional travel cases will be carried around by your guests, exposing others to your brand and creating awareness.

In conclusion, not only is it a great way to make guests delighted by offering them a bespoke souvenir, but will also boost brand exposure and visibility.

Moreover, other companies have adopted this idea, including airlines and guest houses. What makes this product great is that can apply to any industry.

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