The well-known company Accessorize is currently promoting a special offer in Tokyo, based on a custom canvas bag as gift with purchase. This group that manufactures and sells fashion accessories worldwide often use this kind of effective promotions in order to enhance its brand visibility.

Custom canvas bag - GWP by Accessorize in Tokyo

Custom canvas bag – GWP by Accessorize in Tokyo

The wooden advertising board placed outside the entrance with the bag draped over it makes the offer even more attractive. Customers will be happy to get this handy bag for free because it can be used for many different purposes such as a beach, shopping or hand bag. It is an attractive gift that will improve sales by using a gift with purchase promotion.

Custom canvas bag - GWP by Accessorize in Tokyo Accessorize in Tokyo 1

Custom canvas bag – GWP by Accessorize in Tokyo

This custom canvas bag is a high-quality product that will not only be durable, as made out of a strong material, but also timeless. It can be customizable with a large range of colors, which is a wonderful idea for a summer campaign offer!

At ODM, we have been following Accessorize promotions for a long time. Here is one of the promotion they did in collaboration with Camomilla MilanoAccessorize with Camomilla Milano – Gift with Purchase. It was also based on a gift with purchased where you could choose between different items at a minimum of 50$ of purchase.

Why offer a custom canvas bag as a gift with purchase?

  • Additional Customers. Offering a gift with purchase will make sure that more clients will have an interest for your company because they will get an additional item they like. Also, client would do word of mouth and it will easily bring new customers.
  • Enhance Brand Visibility. The customizable colours and logo will be seen by everyone who will come across the bag on the street. This is a great way to give your brand more visibility. As a result, you will make your brand known everywhere or improve your brand awareness.
  • Customers Loyalty. A gift with purchase campaign is one of the most powerful way of making your customers even more loyal due to the free gift. They will want to be aware of your new products all the year long while awaiting for new exciting promotions like GWP.

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