Accessorize is giving away a charm bracelet as a gift with purchase for at least $50 worth of spending. This bracelet can be worn as a fashion accessory. It looks attractive from afar and has many different charms such as heart, musical note and horses. The charm is also embellished with a ribbon. Read more to find out how you can use this charm bracelet as an effective gift with purchase…

Charm Bracelet Gift with Purchase by Accesorize

Charm Bracelet Gift with Purchase by Accesorize

Accessorize is devoted to bringing the most exciting and eclectic accessory products to the high street. With its own in-house design team, Accessorize holds a unique position on the high street with its inspirational, globally sourced, well priced and good quality collection of fashion accessories. Seasonal themes run through the brand, always presenting an individual take on the latest trends. The product range created at Accessorize is extensive and includes every kind of accessory imaginable.

Why did they use this charm bracelet as a gift with purchase?

The charm bracelet is an attractive gift to entice customers to spend more. It has many different charms of unique designs such as cards, horses and hearts. The bracelet also has a rustic look which gives it a unique vintage feel. Thus, the charm bracelet has a high perceived value.

How may this gift with purchase affect sales?

The charm bracelet will entice customers to purchase more items and spend more in order to redeem the gift with purchase. This will increase sales for Accessorize. Accessorize may also brand their logo as a charm on the bracelet in order to increase brand awareness.

This facilitates free advertising to anyone who sees the bracelet. Their logo will also boost brand recall every time the bracelet is worn in the long run. This will boost reminder advertising for the user and viewers. It will enforce brand loyalty and encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases. What do you think of this gift with purchase?