Purchase with purchase promotional ideas are an easy way to market your brand and add value to your brands recall. In this promotion 7-Eleven are offering mini charms with the collection of stamps.

All you need to do to purchase these charms is to spend HK$20 to get 1 stamp or spend HK$30 for 2 stamps. You need to collect 5 stamps in all to be eligible to purchase one of these mini charms for HK$15.

7-Eleven Purchase with Purchase Mini Charms

7-Eleven Purchase with Purchase Mini Charms

These mini charms can be hung on bag’s zippers for decoration or an added as an accessory for bracelets and necklaces. It comes in 22 different designs, with each reflecting the items found in the typical daily life of a person living in Hong Kong. These include items such as the Mahjong pieces or the famous egg tart. It is cultural marketing which promotes the lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Why offer these charms as a purchase with purchase promotion?

  • Design. This charm could be subtly branded with the 7-Eleven logo to increase brand awareness. This will help boost brand recall for those who see the mini charms.
  • Incentive purchase. These charms are limited edition during this specific time. Therefore, as a purchase with purchase gift it will definitely encourage customers to spend more in order to collect the stamps which will entitle them to purchase the charms. When collecting most customers will want to collect the whole set, which will increase sales as customers will keep buying from 7-eleven to get stamps.

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