Are you a fan of the heroes of Marvel or Disney Pixar characters? Then, I have great news for you! 7-Eleven Singapore is offering promo figurines of the most beloved Marvel heroes and Disney Pixar characters. Beautify your workspace with miniature versions of Sulley Monster University or with the inseparable Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.

Promo figurines at 7-Eleven in Singapore

Promo figurines at 7-Eleven in Singapore

Adorable and useful promo figurines

These promo figurines, in addition to being adorable , are also functional. In fact, the Disney Pixar characters are equipped with markers while the Marvel figurines are equipped with highlighters. Stocks are limited, this is a perfect way to entice consumers to purchase from you more often!

Just spend $ 3.90 at any 7 – Eleven store to get a stamp. With only eight stamps and the addition of $ 3.90 you can obtain a figurine otherwise collect 24 stamps to get your favorite character for free. In addition, you can get additional stamps by purchasing certain types of products:

    • Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea (500ml)
    • Big Gulp (22 oz)
    • Quickbites Butter Chicken Biryani (300g)
    • M&M’s Chocolate Assorted (40g)
    • Quickbites Macaroni & Cheese (230g)
    • 100PLUS Original (500ml)
Collect stamps and get your promo figurine

Collect stamps and get your promo figurine

Why offer promo figurines to your customers?

If you are looking for long term promotional items and of a great impact for one of your marketing campaigns, promo figurines are a really great idea. In fact, they not only give a positive impression to your customers, but by placing your brand on the figurine you will get free advertising for your company and your logo surely will benefit.

For any promo figurine you have in mind , please do not hesitate to contact us. With our designers team we will customize your figurine according to your budget and your needs .

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