ANZ bank were giving this interesting festival giveaway in Sydney at the ANZ sponsored music festival . At an event with thousands of people it is a great place to promote your company with promotional products.


Interesting festival giveaway by ANZ

Interesting festival giveaway by ANZ

Picnic blanket as a festival giveaway

ANZ bank were giving this great looking picnic blanket at the music festival in Sydney. The picnic blanket was used by a large amount of people at the festival that wanted to relax sitting down on a comfortable ground. With the ANZ logo it reminded people at the festival that the bank is part of the music festival. It a great sales technique by ANZ bank for increasing their brand image. The picnic blanket was part of the festival and the festival itself will also remind people of ANZ bank.


Festival giveaway for boosting brand

Interesting festival giveaway by ANZ

Interesting festival giveaway by ANZ

For companies that wants to increase their brand awareness at a festival consider taking the picnic blanket distributed by ANZ bank as an example. They distributed promotional products at an event with tons of people. It is a great way to boost your brand image for minimum costs. Not only a picnic blanket is interesting for festivals also caps, sunglasses and flags would be interesting for outdoor events. Put a logo on these products like ANZ did on their picnic blanket and it is great giveaway.

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