If you are wondering what the marketing companies are doing in France, you are on the right page. Here is a giveaway by Babybel, a colouring inflatable mask. This is definitely an interesting promotional campaign for the children.

Giveaway by Babybel - Colouring Inflatable Mask

Giveaway by Babybel – Colouring Inflatable Mask

Using Giveaway to Push Sales

This is a very interesting mask that may not be available yet in other market. This mask is inflatable, giving it a 3D feel. But more than that, we can colour these masks to our liking before inflating it. Not only interesting as giveaway, this can be an interesting for promotional events as well.

Perhaps you are wondering why would Babybel would invest so much for a promotional product. If you didn’t know, giveaway can actually effectively push sales. It is especially so when the target market are children.

Promotional items increase the perceived value of the product. Offering products that are not easily available for retail will drive consumers to buy your product. Just remember to customize your promotional product according to your target market.

Offering a giveaway that appeals to target market makes your brand easier to remember. It is even better if you brand the marketing gift are branded with your logo. This will strengthen brand recall and brand awareness.

Promotional gift also makes your product more appealing than competitor’s. This is especially so when you distribute your products through supermarkets like Tesco. Babybel, for example, would not be the only cheese products displayed on the shelf. However, they may be preferred over other brands due to this promotional gift.

You can also use promotional gifts to convey your message. For example, you can use recycled materials and offer an eco-friendly promotional gift. You can print your message to preserve the environment on these promotional products. It will show a good corporate social responsibility. This will contribute positively to your brand image.