Following Circle K‘s Disney Bag Tag and Badge promotion, 7-Eleven is also having a gift with purchase promotion. All you have to do is to purchase $20 worth of items from your nearest 7-Eleven outlet and you’ll receive a stamp. Collect up to 15 stamps and you’ll be entitled to redeem a free Rilakkuma Teddy Bear Plushie! There are up to 7 different designs to be collected.

7-Eleven has adopted a good marketing strategy of using a licensed character as a promotional product to increase it’s brand awareness. This promotional gift works as an incentive product to drive sales for 7-eleven and also increases the brand recall for both companies. By co-branding with a licensed character, it enhances the perceived value of the promotion and encourages customers to purchase more at 7-Eleven in order to receive this promotional item.

Promotional plushies like this can be customised and branded with a company logo to cater to the needs of different customers. If you’re interested in customising your own promotional plushies today, do not hesitate to contact any of our ODM staff here and we’ll create one that is tailored just for you!

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