Last week, a few of our ODM staff went down to the spring edition Hong Kong Electronics Fair where we spotted this interesting product and learnt about the features and mechanisms behind it.

Another Bladeless fan! This product, unlike typical fans, does not have a blade that churns out wind. Instead, it has turbojet that draws in and projects air out through an airfoil shaped ramp at high speeds and can rotate up to 90degrees.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012: Bladeless fan

The fan is very user friendly as well as safe – there are no spinning blades that might pose a threat when one is cleaning the fan. There is also a touch tilt function that enables the fan to stay put at the angle it is tilted at. The dynamics behind this is because the bladeless fan has a low center of gravity that makes it more stable than conventional ones.

ODM loves this fan because you are able to customize the shape of the fan. This works especially well if your brand has a circular or oval shaped logo.

However, if your company does not have one, do not worry as there is a space on the fan encasement that you can print your logo on. Some ways you can do so are laser engraving, decal logo and acid etching.

If this eye catching product blew you away, why not head down to the next Electronics Fair organized by HKTDC during October? You will never know what interesting products you will find there!

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