Lab Series believes in bold moves, big ideas, and innovation. Thus, the company come up with the interesting marketing displays, which we spotted in Tokyu Hands in Tokyo Japan.

In order to highlight the products they offer, Lab Series designed a simple yet attractive acrylic marketing displays that show their best-selling products. To highlight the promotion even more, they even designed a beautiful blue cosmetics bag offered with mens skincare range. The customers can get it for free once they availed a set of products from Lab Series.

Marketing Displays by Lab Series Skincare in Tokyo

Marketing Displays by Lab Series Skincare in Tokyo

The bag that comes in the marketing displays of Lab Series is simple. It doesn’t have any elaborate design, and thus is suitable for men. With the combination of the colors black, white, and blue, the name of the Lab Series printed in the bag is highlighted.

Moreover, the visual impact with this product is strongly standing out against Acrylic POS display with bright white and red print. The products are displayed well and neatly.

Benefits of Marketing Displays for Skincare Brands:

Creating a marketing display for your skincare brand offers a good range of benefits. But, of course, if you want to gain all the benefits, it is best to consider the main factors such as the relevancy of the products, the location where the marketing displays where be placed, and the visual appeal of the marketing displays to grab the attention of the target market.

  • Marketing displays are visually appealing for the customers

One of the best benefits of having a advertising display is that it is visually appealing for the customers. To improve it’s appeal, of course, you will need to have it styled and designed professionally. By doing so, attracting the visual senses of the target market can be easier.

  • Marketing displays can effectively target specific customers

When you place a marketing display in a supermarket, it can be seen by a lot of consumers. But, if you placed it in the aisle where it belongs, the customers who passed by the area will more likely be interested to purchase the products you offer. In other words, to guarantee the success of the marketing display, make sure to place it in a strategic location.

  • Increasing your brands visibility is easier

Whether your products are new or in the market for a long time, having a marketing display from time to time can help to increase your brands visibility. A marketing display as a promotional idea is one of the best ways to create a solid mark in the industry.

Marketing Displays by Lab Series Skincare in Tokyo

Marketing Displays by Lab Series Skincare in Tokyo

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