Instore Marketing with POS Displays is one of the most successful way to promote your products and brand to current and especially to potential customers. This new original retro POS display is just perfect to catch the eye of the customers and will definitely increase your sales on the advertised products. The biggest advantage of promoting with an POS display is that your products are not in the same shelf with your competitive ones.

New Marketing Idea: Original Retro POS Display at HK Mega Show

New Marketing Idea: Original Retro POS Display at HK Mega Show

A POS display is always great and will be noticed by every customer. Costumers do not need to search and go through every lane to find your specific products, they will just walk through the main-lane in the supermarkets and stores, where they will see your product presented through such a unique POS display.

The Wood of this shelves is a special one, which makes this POS display look very natural. The Pipes on the side, designed for the frame of this POS display, makes it look really industrial and gives it just the right retro style for every item. This POS Display is customize-able to your brand, shape and the materials you prefer.

Why should you promote your brand with such a Original Retro POS Display?

  • Brand awareness. By placing such a original POS Display in any store will you not only increase your sales, but also the brand awareness of your costumers for a long-term.
  • Additional Costumers. The costumers will not need to search for a long time inside a store for your products, they will find your products presented on this POS display in a big lane of the store and will not even bother to look for the competitors products. This will attract current and also potential costumers in every store.

At ODM we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about such a Original Retro POS Display. Please refer to us this ODM-Code, if you are interested in this certain product: 1532.

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