Tin Thermometer

Tin Thermometer

For most alcohol brands, showcasing history and origin is an important part of their promotional campaign, read on to learn how a tin thermometer could be an excellent retro promo gift to promote your brand and it’s history!

Due to the aging process required for most spirits and the expertise required to manufacture liquor, established brands usually emphasize year of creation, the character of their founder, traditions etc. Thus alcohol brands can consider using retro looking backdrops for their promotional products to enhance this image of being a brand of great heritage.

Why offer tin thermometers?

Staying with this trend, a large number of seasoned firms manufacture retro tin signs for their advertising campaigns. Take this tin thermometer for example, a thermometer is overlaid over a vintage looking background featuring the brand name and brand information to create a truly spectacular promotional gift!

The gap existing between advertising back then and now adds an undeniable charm to the promotional tin thermometers. These promotional tools are a great way to showcase the history of your brand while promoting your current products! Talk about killing two bird with one stone!

Those promotional products are widely used today and can be observed in numerous bars & other drinking venues. Not only do they tie in with the glorious past of a brand but can also serve as decoration.

Include a tin thermometer in this promo to make the signage more functional and to showcas

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promotional Tin Thermometer

promotional Tin Thermometer

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