Want to light up your brand or promotional offer? With the improvements made in miniaturizing neons coupled to the rise of LED technology, it became easier to light up any object, regardless of its size and shape.  This allows for the creation of numerous products taking advantage of this trend. Glasses are one of them.

Playing with light allows companies to showcase their product in more appealing and creative ways. Logos can now be located & projected in original areas to maximize exposure.

For example, Johnnie Walker awaits you at the bottom of your glass regardless of the type of drink you are consuming.  Illuminating different promotional products captures the attention of consumers very effectively. It allow the emphasis to be placed directly onto the logo thus reinforcing the visibility of your brand.







In the dark, these luminous glasses can prove very useful and practical to search for lost objects, friends or simply to have fun!

ODM would be delighted to help you create your own light up promotions! Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.