Advertising surrounds us, be it posters on buildings, billboards at the bus stop or MTR Stations. ODM and our clients rely on a vast array of marketing and advertising solutions to communicate the latest promotional campaigns to clients.

How can you stand out from the rest?   Below is a Montage of Light Boxes at a recent trade fair.

Promotional LED Light Box

These types of LED light box could be very effective for advertising in Subway Stations for example. Thousands of people take the subway everyday, and this ensures a very wide audience. Train station advertising offers the opportunity to promote your product while the commuter is waiting for the train and to also get the message across to commuters who travels the same route daily.

You may choose a bigger size box to capture audience’s attention or customize your promotional item by creating a jigsaw like poster using several small boxes. With the LED light box to enhance your full page full colour advertisement, you may also want to include a QR code to provide further information!

Market your business via this promotional product, good for branding and results in higher brand recall

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