ODM staff frequently use the subway in Shanghai in order to get around the city.   Right now cannot help but notice the amazing area that is used to display advertising or promotional campaigns. Subways are great areas to run promotional campaigns or product advertising due to the numerous people in a very small area, creating high visibility for the message. In Subways advertising is traditionally found above eye level next to details about the stops on the subway line. We noticed that in the Shanghai subway they are using new areas to display promotional campaigns. The example below shows how the hand straps are being used to display a message to the commuters.

Subway Hand Straps - Area for Promotional use

All the hand straps have a large area for a promotional message or to showcase a new product. What is great is that promotional or advertising messages can be printed on the two sides, offering even greater visibility. The Shanghai subway system is so busy that your message will be seen by thousands of people in only one train.

Another interesting promotional display we spotted during our time in Shanghai is the side of the subway that is printed on with a large advertising campaign. These two concepts are interesting and can be tied together. The picture below shows a commercial for laundry detergent.

Promotional Display on the Subway

The laundry detergent company “OMO” could tie this display of there brand with a promotional message on the inside of the subway by using the hand straps. They could inform consumers of a limited time offer on new detergent by using the hand holder. This will certainly grasp the attention of consumers as they are making there way around the city.

TV screen in Shanghai Subway - More Hand Straps

The Shanghai subway also has TV screens inside the train, mostly showcasing advertising of products and TV shows. This could be a great spot to display promotions as well, the only draw back is that there is no volume so less people are actually attracted to look at the screen. Nevertheless it remains an interesting technological display mechanism.

You can also notice there are more hand straps in the picture. If your company uses a mixture of all three kinds of display across several or every subway train in the entire network, there will be millions of consumers every day having exposure to your promotional campaign or advertising message.

Make sure to contact us for more ideas of promotional campaigns, we can also assist you in choosing the best point of display for your company to target your market easily.