The HK Toy fair got us thinking about organising events for all ages – the activity sets and Play Sets on offer really allow companies to take it up a notch..

Be it a corporate family event, a new product launch or simply an afternoon in the park, playground equipment will insure the whole family has a blast. Sponsor a playground and get tremendous good will in the community..

From simple designs such as ball pit to more advanced and permanent playground equipment,  these items can be easily customized to your preferences and budget. Creating playing environments that are safe, affordable and fun will guarantee the amusement of children and the appreciation of parents.

Usually demanded by recreational grounds, daycare, schools or amusement parks, this playground equipment could easily be used in different settings.  See the Google campus, they possess their own ball pit as well as slides to go from one floor to the other in their office!






ODM can supply numerous kits and playground designs and would be delighted to share them with you. We would also be glad to help you customize your next ideal playing field.