This promotional gift is used on-pack to attract clients to buy boxes of vitamins at 36 RMB (US$5.40) – magic color changing ball when thrown.

With one colour on the inside and another on the outside this is great for dual logo colours & any promotions with change as a theme.

Toss the ball in the air and watch the colors magically flip from one to the other. As this promotional item is reversible it is easy to custom print your logo/message on both sides of the ball – essentially multiple pieces of plastic strips.

We really like this gift with purchase, since it is used as a stress reliever for general play. This promotional ball is a very attractive product, it can be turned around, twisted about and reshaped and will for sure please any client.

With so many Promotional items it is not easy to chose the one which will tie in with your product. Coming from small to big sizes, from simple products to very specific ones and from basic shape to a customized ones, it is very important to make of your promotion something very special and attractive.

Do not hesitate to challenge our sourcing office in China to come up with new ideas and send us your inquiry. You can also have a look at our webstite ODMAsia, and check other ideas like Custom Stress Toy – Special Offer.

To give our clients some new ideas, one of our buying office staff in China recently spotted this very interesting promotion in Pharmacies.