The first visual impression plays an important role in customers’ minds. Surprise is a key element for gaining attention. This very eye-catching light up display with slogan is an effective sales strategy, because will highlight your brand to customers and will increase your brand awareness.

POS Creative Idea - Light Up Display with Slogan

POS Creative Idea – Light Up Display with Slogan

These rectangular shaped lamps give the opportunity to spread a unique message that reflects the image of a company. Different colors of lamps are available for different atmospheres. It is also possible to superpose the products for a double flashy effect.

POS Creative Idea - Light Up Display with Slogan

POS Creative Idea – Light Up Display with Slogan

This kind of products could be in a bedroom, a modern living room, or in the lobby of a hotel. It is a multi-function object as it is effective to promote a business, but we also appreciate this as a decorative item that needs to be plugged to make light.

Why do we like these light up display?

Design appeal. These structures definitely attract customers thanks to their simple design highlighted by beautiful colors. The lights are vibrant and exciting to look at and will make your message in this display stand out.

Message – The slogan makes these an even better communicative promotional product, as customers will spend more time looking at the product by reading the slogan and considering the message transmitted.

Versatile – These displays can be used in several locations. This makes it a worthwhile investment because you can use it in several different marketing opportunities. Moreover, you can change the message in the display whenever you like!

Boost sales – Companies that adopt this display make a well worth investment, because this makes customers want to buy products offered by the company. Boosting sales is one of the company’s main objectives that will therefore be achieved.

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