Creative Promo Idea for Beverages – Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Looking for a unique marketing idea for drinks industry? There are so many promotional solutions for beverages brands, but of course no one wants to use a hackneyed idea. And it is not hard to see why – in such a mature market you really need to stand out among competitors.  Here in ODM we have a creative promo idea for beverages, just for your business – Light Bulb Drinking Glass.

Creative Promo Idea for Beverages - Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Creative Promo Idea for Beverages – Light Bulb Drinking Glass

It is important to say that light bulb promo glasses are made from completely safe materials. It is a high-end product so do not be afraid that your customers will hurt themselves while drinking from this glass. These light bulbs can stand on a table as regular glasses thanks to the flat bottom.

Why we think that light bulbs drinking glass is creative promo idea for beverages?

Increase your brands awareness

  • They are very comfortable to hold, and they do look pretty cool. So you can be sure that once your customers get this, they will want to make some photos with such an original promo light bulb and your drink together. They will post these photos in the Internet and your brand will get a huge social media expansion.
Creative Promo Idea for Beverages - Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Creative Promo Idea for Beverages – Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Gift with Purchase

  • It is a good creative idea for beverages, these light bulbs can be given away as a gift with purchase of a certain amount in stores and supermarkets, as well as be  offered as on pack promotion. Your brand logo can be printed on this promotional product – just imagine how beautiful it will look, especially, if your drink has a bright colour.

Customers Retention

  • This is a great promotional idea not only just alcohol, but also for juice brands. Quite often people go to the store together with the whole family, and you must be sure that your customers’ kids will be begging their parents to buy juice, seeing that as a gift they can get this unique and funny promotional bottle.
Creative Promo Idea for Beverages - Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Creative Promo Idea for Beverages – Light Bulb Drinking Glass

Corporate Gifts

  • Usually it is difficult to imagine creative idea for corporate/business gifts. That’s why these promo bottles can also be interesting corporate gifts on holidays such as New Year for example. Your employees will be appreciated by creative approach to solving such a big problem how to encourage them.

Design Appeal

  • You can also use this unique design and in your restaurant or bar, since these lamps have not yet received the mass distribution. Drinks always look better in a transparent glass, but what if the glasses shape is light bulb! This glass does not even require an additional decoration, so you can save your money.

How can ODM help?

If you are interested in having lightbulbs drinking glasses manufactured for your beverage promotion then contact us today for a quote and we will be happy to help. We also offer a wide range of other promotional products to help you get your company name known.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a gift with purchase?

Gift with purchase is a type of marketing technique. It is meant to encourage people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift. This advertising technique is used in many different industries.

What material is the lightbulb drinking glass?

The drinking glass can be made from either plastic or glass.

Where did the lightbulb glass originated?

The trend originally hails from Asia the first appearance of the lightbulb glass on YouTube was from April 2016 at South Korea's Hyundai Department store, before it expanded to Taiwan and beyond.

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